Moein Hosseini’s Blog

I’m Moein Hosseini, Somebody who writes code!

Hello World!

Hello world!

This is Somebody, really this is Somebody! I’m thrilled about some things, and I’m here to share what I’ll find interesting for myself.

Little about me

My name is Moein Hosseini. I write code in Scala, Java and Python and have been working as Software and Data Engineer for almost 6 years.

I was born in Iran, finished my education and met my lovely wife there. We’ve been living in London since 2020, and I work as Senior Software Engineer at Quantcast.

These days I’m learning how to plan piano, the only instrument that I’ve ever touched.

You can find more about my work experiences in


What will you hear from me?

To be honest there are few things that cheer me up, mostly solving a problem using programming or figuring out something related to it.

Here I would probably share some stuff related to programming, JVM and Big Data.